Accelerated 4+1 MBA Dual Degree Program

Admission Requirements

  • Guaranteed acceptance for juniors with a 3.5 GPA* and 96 college credit hours. 
  • For students with GPAs of 3.00 – 3.49, conditional acceptance also requires a faculty recommendation. 

*To apply to the MBA 4+1 Dual Degree Program,  complete your application one semester before you are scheduled to take MBA courses. The timing of this application ensures that your GPA is current. Applications will be sent to Dr. Mary Murphy, MBA Advisor. Dr. Murphy will notify you and your undergraduate advisor of your acceptance or rejection into the MBA 4+1 Dual Degree Program. Your advisor will then generate your plan of study. 

Please note: A laptop computer is needed in class to access web applications and course materials. 

Request Information

Please speak with your MNU undergraduate academic advisor if you are interested in applying for the accelerated 4+1 MBA Dual Degree program.