Certificate in Cyber Security

Admission Requirements

  • High School Diploma OR GED*
  • Minimum 17 English/Reading ACT scores, OR placement test**
  • Minimum 19 Math ACT score, OR placement test**

Application Process

  1. Complete an information meeting, either on-campus or over the phone.
  2. Complete and online application.
  3. Submit all official transcripts - high school* and college.
  4. Build a plan of study with your advisor.

*Waived for those with 24+ hours of transferable college credit. For those with less than 24+ hours of credit, high school transcripts (or GED results) will be required as part of the admission process.
**If students have 24+ hours of transferable college credit, no ACT or assessment exams are required. If students have less than 24 hours of transferable college credit and no ACT, then the ACCUPLACER exam will be required as part of the admission process.

Technology Requirements

To be successful, you'll need a current (three years old or less) personal computer and access to a high-speed (2 Mb or faster Internet connection. The Microsoft Windows  or Apple Mac platforms are the recommended operating systems. At least 100GB of available hard drive space will be needed to load the necessary software. Chromebooks and netbook-type computers will not be compatible with some course requirements.

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