Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

Program Overview

MNU's Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems offers a strong course of study in computer and information systems technology courses.

With two ways to customize your studies—Software Engineering or Cyber Security—you'll be prepared to fulfill the increasing information technology employer demand in the technology sector.

you Should Know

  • Fulfill 120* credit hours at $450 per credit hour
  • May be able to complete the core program in less than two years
  • Attend class entirely online

Whether you are an experienced professional looking to increase your proficiency and marketability in your current position, or you're beginning a career in one of several information systems fields, earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems will equip you to achieve your professional goals.

The CIS program provides you a solid foundation in technology and business, developing your knowledge to effectively apply information technology tools and principles to improve business processes, design and implement new software, and/or enter the growing fields of cyber security. Through our program, you will gain advanced applied knowledge and experience in designing software for a variety of industries using current programming languages and modern methodologies.

MNU is situated in the heart of the Silicon Prairie and with our alumni connections at companies like Cerner, Garmin, Nokia and T-Mobile, you'll be strategically situated for valuable networking and job opportunities.

Even better? When you transfer into our CIS program from a community college Software Development/Computer Information Systems program, you could discover that up to 60 credit hours you've already earned may transfer directly toward this bachelor's program.

Next Opportunity**

  • February 28, 2022

*120 is the minimum number of semester credit hours needed to graduate with a bachelor’s degree at MNU. Students may transfer in as many as 90 semester credit hours, subject to review and approval of each transferred course. We offer complimentary transcript evaluations to determine how many of your hours will transfer into your selected program at MNU.
**For information on our priority application deadlines and registration deadlines, please contact us at 913-971-3800 or at right away!

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Cost & Value

A degree from MNU is a competitively priced, affordable option designed for students with a busy schedule. We’re here to help you find the best options to assist you as you work toward earning your degree.

  • Credit Hours: 120 total
  • Tuition: $450/credit hour* *Prices effective July 1, 2021 for new starts.

Payment Options

Your degree is an investment in your future. We have a variety of different payment options available, so you can choose the option or combination of options, that best fits your situation. Total cost, including fees and tuition, will be calculated based on your program, and can be divided into multiple payments.

Family Education Discount

MNU partners with many metro companies, organizations, and schools to provide reduced education costs for employees. With these partnerships, employees and some immediate family members can receive a discount on the Bachelor in Computer Information Systems Program.

Military/Veteran Financial Aid

MNU appreciates the service and protection that the Military provides for us all. We offer a Military Financial Aid Program that can help active military, veterans and their spouses reposition themselves in the working world.


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A degree like a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from MNU can open doors on your career. Our Career Options tool lets you explore real-time current job opportunities that this degree could qualify you for. We've pre-selected the Kansas City metro for you, but if you're located elsewhere, or looking to move, simply update the location and you can see job opportunities anywhere in the U.S.

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