Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems Software Engineering Concentration

Software engineers are the creative and analytical minds behind the design of computer applications, integrated systems, and computer network administration. Engineers are often present at every stage of software creation, including design, development, testing, and evaluation.

You Should Know:

  • Earn 15 credit hours of prescribed software engineering courses as a part of your 120 credit hours for the CIS bachelor’s degree, at only $450 per credit hour*
  • May be able to complete the core program in less than two years
  • Attend class entirely online

Our Software Engineering concentration enhances your knowledge and background to enter the field of software design and development in many fields. With a bachelor’s concentration in software engineering, you can pursue occupations such as software engineer, software development engineer, programmer analyst, and applications developer.

A 2016 regional analysis of the Kansas City job market shows that employers are seeking information technology professionals. A bachelor’s-level computer information systems degree can prepare you to enter or move up in this industry sector. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information technology occupations are projected to grow annually by 13% from 2016 to 2026, faster than the combined average for all occupations, and the national median salary in 2016 for Software Developers was over $102,000.

*120 is the minimum number of semester credit hours needed to graduate with a bachelor’s degree at MNU. Students may transfer in as many as 90 semester credit hours, subject to review and approval of each transferred course. We offer complimentary transcript evaluations to determine how many of your hours will transfer into your selected program at MNU.

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