National Online Officiating Certification

National Online Officiating Certification – Level 1

This one-of-a-kind online national officiating course is designed to help students to officiate team and individual sports at varied levels of play. Students ages 14 and up who take this course will learn the general overview of officiating sports, equipment needed, preparation, advancing to higher levels of officiating, professionalism, game, spectator, coach, and player management, as well as hearing from veteran officials and industry experts.

  • Entire certification and assessments are done virtually from an online learning portal. There are no physical components to this certification.
  • Course is self-paced; participants can complete the course when their schedule allows.
  • Certification does not expire.


Upon completion of this course, students will have the ability to show their credentials to local or regional sports organizations for getting assigned games to officiate.


  • Individuals looking to become a first time official.
  • Individuals looking to receive a possible increase in wages by holding another certification.
  • Sports organizations looking to train their new hires with a general overview of officiating.
  • Possibly used to provide directors and league managers the ability to get new-hires better prepared, or to reduce time and effort of in-person training clinics.
  • Ages 14 and up are welcome to take this certification course.
    Any students ages 14-17 must have a parent or legal guardian register them for the course as well as sign a liability waiver.


  • This is a certificate only course; this certificate is not for credit, non-academic, and will not appear on a transcript.
  • Certification and course were developed by veteran officials and industry experts.
  • Certification and course are provided through MidAmerican Nazarene University (MNU) a United States private accredited higher education institution.
  • Course has been taught at MNU for close to a decade to students and young professionals.


$60 per individual for Level 1

  • Provides one of a kind lifetime national officiating certification.
  • Includes a personal digital certificate that can be printed out.
  • Includes a physical badge, mailed after earning the certificate.
  • Badge will not be labeled with year as certification does not expire.


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