Continuing Education Courses

Continuing Education Courses

pencilsWhether you need classes for relicensure, or coursework to learn new techniques, MNU's experts are here to enrich your learning as you adapt to new standards and gain new skills. 

MNU Course Offerings

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2021-2022 Academic Term Online Courses

Fostering Resilient Learners: Strategies for Creating A Trauma Sensitive Classroom, EDCI-6126 

Online, open enrollment, self-paced, 1-credit hour, $90 Tuition + $25 Registration Fee

Readers will learn new strategies and guides to seek “solutions rather than dwelling on problems, to building relationships that allow students to grow, thrive, and—most assuredly—learn at high levels” by Kristin Souers. The book study is self-paced but must be completed within 16 weeks of enrollment.  

Lost & Found Helping Behaviorally Challenging Students Book Study, EDCI–6125

Online, open enrollment, self-paced, 1-credit hour, $90 Tuition + $25 Registration Fee

“Readers will learn how to incorporate students' input in understanding the factors making it difficult for them to meet expectations and in generating mutually satisfactory solutions. Specific strategies, sample dialogues, and time-tested advice help educators implement these techniques immediately” by Dr. Ross W. Greene. The book study is self-paced but must be completed within 16 weeks of enrollment.

Partner Course Offerings

  • Commonwealth Learning Online Institute (CLOI)

    CLOI logoThe Commonwealth Learning Online Institute (CLOI) is a not-for-profit organization providing standards-based online professional development for teachers coupled with research-based assessments, best teaching practices, and opportunities to develop technology skills. CLOI offers two modalities of courses: Self-paced and Facilitated courses. 

    Self-paced courses range in depth and content based on the number of contact hours and topic. These courses earn ½ to 1 credit and range between 8 and 15 hours of contact time, covering ELA and standards-based concepts. Participants progress through the self-paced courses at their own rate. A facilitator is available to answer questions via email and also provides grading of assessments when these courses are taken for credit.

    Facilitated courses provide a mastery level of knowledge in a given topic area. These courses earn 3 credits and range between 50 and 70 hours of contact time. A facilitator guides the course participants through 7 weeks of learning with specific course completion expectations each week. PDPs and graduate credit are available. Courses are offered: January, March, May, July,  and September.

    CLOI website link:


    Cool Teachers Online logoCTO offers courses with current topics in continuing education.  Their courses are available online, self-paced with completion between 2-6 weeks and each course is 3 graduate credits. website link:

  • Courses with Russ

    Designed for the modern educator of the 21st century, Collaborate with teachers across the country, all courses are user and practitioner friendly, no specific class meeting times and you may log on at your own time and schedule.

    Courses with Russ website link:

  • Customizable Professional Development

    Customizable Professional Development logoCourse Topics Include: Assessment, Classroom Management, ELA, ELL, Instructional Technology, Math, Physical Education, Social Studies, SocioEmotional Learning and Special Education.

    CPD Website Link:


    *NOTE: Two-step registration process:

    1. Register with CPD for the course content
    2. If you wish to receive graduate credit for your completed work, you must register with MNU.

    ESSDACK website link:

  • Heartland Academy for Education

    Heartland Academy for Education logoMidAmerica Nazarene University is proud to offer modules and micro-credentials for educators in partnership with PLS 3rd Learning. Course offerings in a variety of options for credits: Stand alone Modules, Pre-requisite Modules, Deepening Knowledge Modules, Online Professional Development, and micro-credentialing in the following areas: Instructional Coaching, Engaging 21st Century Learners to promote student interaction, Effective and Responsive Teaching, assessment and teacher leadership.

    Heartland Academy for Education website link:

  • i2e

    ie2Our approach to professional learning sets us apart. We start by planning with the end in mind. By aligning our training approach to our customers’ objectives, we focus our energy in all the right places. Our customers’ short- and long term goals are the key focus points in any session. Whether we work with classroom teachers, specialists, school leaders, or support staff, we engage with participants and move the learning forward with thoughtful pacing and delivery. Using adult professional learning practices, our team customizes, localizes, and personalizes the experience to ensure maximum impact for all attendees. Tools and practices covered during the session can be adopted immediately, leaving no educator behind as we move learning into the modern age through digital transformation. Key pedagogies are woven throughout our sessions and presented through Microsoft Education tools.

    i2e website link:


  • Kansas State School for the Blind

    Kansas State School for the Blind website link:

    Registration link:

  • NCCE

    ncceNCCE serves educational institutions across the globe providing professional learning opportunities. NCCE embraces every opportunity to work closely with schools and districts of any size to ensure the delivery of relevant and rigorous professional learning experiences.

    NCCE website link:

  • Orion Education & Training
  • OSA

    OSAOne Step Ahead’s prime focus is to enhance educational experiences for every student by delivering first-class professional development workshops for all educators. OSA courses are fully online and accessible at your convenience, anytime and anyplace! We have a user friendly format which allows each student to focus solely on course content, making their time most effective.

    OSA website link:

  • Smoky Hill Education Service Center

    Smoky Hill website link:


    The focus of SWPRSC is to provide educational services that: continuously support improvement of student learning and excellent teaching, develop professional learning opportunities, nurture partnerships through collaboration and utilize resources efficiently and effectively.

    SWPRSC website link:

  • Vesi

    Vesi logoCourse Topics include: General Education, Early Childhood, Exceptional Education, Reading, Math and Common Core.

    Vesi website link:

"I felt like I was part of a family at MNU—a family who supported one another, and wanted to see each of us be successful not only as students, but as exemplary educators."

Dyane Smokorowski, 2013 Kansas Teacher of the Year