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Clinical Mentor

The MNU Clinical Mentoring Team ensures student achievement, both now and in the future, through partnerships committed to: 

  • modeling & teaching
  • engaging learners
  • collaborating for excellence
  • striving for equity, and inquiry
  • reflection & innovation

Clinical Mentor Team (CMT) members are site-based teacher educators who play an essential role in the development of future teachers.  Mentors facilitate real-world application of knowledge gained during candidates’ preparation at MNU.   

If you would like to become a part of our Clinical Mentoring Team, please contact Jill Gonzalez-Bravo,, 913-971-3548. 

Benefits to Mentoring

  • Access to free Customized Training
  • Complimentary use of resources in the MNU's Center for Games and Learning.
  • Opportunities to attend professional development events both on campus and in area schools.
  • 50% off all continuing education costs. Discount applied to credits earned during the academic year of service.
  • Ability to shape future teacher leaders.

Resources for Clinical Mentors

Resources for Clinical Mentor Districts

Additional CMT Clinical Practice Resources

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