Microsoft Partnership Program


Innovative Teaching Methods provided by Microsoft Education Center

Through an agreement with Microsoft, MNU is offering courses for free, the only cost to you is the registration fee and tuition for continuing education graduate credit. The courses are designed to provide professional development and continuing education opportunities to our teaching community. The assorted content offers a Microsoft multimedia experience for the beginner to the advanced learner by adopting new methods to bring innovation, creativity, and connectivity back to the classroom and school. Most of all, the courses are offered online and self-paced so that you may complete when it fits into your schedule. Once you have completed the course, there are additional continuing education opportunities available through action research in four additional impact areas.

Three Levels of Engagement

  1. Professional Development
  2. Continuing Education Graduate Credit Reflection
  3. Continuing Education Graduate Credit Impact

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Professional Development - visit Microsoft Education Center to select course modules in training. In the Training Courses tab you may select individual modules to receive a digital badge for completion or complete a Learning Pathway tab to receive a completion certificate for a series of courses.

Continuing Education Graduate Credit Reflection – there are over ten continuing education courses available that offer relevant topics and comprehensive/focused content to enhance a learners classroom experience, improve teacher’s technological skills, develop new practices to connect & collaborate with students, parents, and your school members, and more. You will complete the STAR assignment, part one, to receive credit. Some courses have a project component in addition to the STAR. Click here to view the list of continuing education graduate credit course offerings.

Continuing Education Graduate Credit Impact – for each course you complete, there are four additional impact credits available through the STAR assignment where teachers perform an action research project.


  • Context & the Learner: 0.5 course credit
  • Application: Instructional Planning, Assessment, and Implementation: 1course credit
  • Data and the Student: 0.5 course credit
  • Reflection & Leadership: 0.5 course credit

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