Master's in Education Degree


Martin Dunlap

Martin Dunlap

Program Director, Professional and Graduate Studies in Education

EdD; University of Kansas, 1995
MEd; University of Kansas, 1981
BA; MidAmerica Nazarene University, 1976 

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Jill Gonzalez-Bravo

Jill Gonzalez-Bravo

Chair, Teacher Education
Associate Professor of Education

EdD; Educational Leadership, 2015, Kansas State University

M.A. Curriculum and Instruction, 1999, Wichita State University 

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Jack Jones

Brad King

Associate Professor of Health & Exercise Science

ABD; Educational Policy and Leadership, 2004, University of Kansas 

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Adjunct Faculty


Laurie Winter, Program Coordinator, Reading Specialist

Trevor Addis, Adjunct Instructor

Ellen Beckley-Hofer, Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Jill Bergerhofer, Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Diane Bottomley, Adjunct instructor

Robin Breedlove, Adjunct Instructor

Linda Dortch, Adjunct Instructor

Jenny Downs, Adjunct Instructor

Amy Hankins, Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Brenda Harris, Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Jennifer Hornbeck, Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Karl Krawitz, Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Deanne Letourneau, Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Tim Murray, Adjunct Instructor

Michael Ramirez, Adjunct instructor

Marsha Ratzel, Adjunct Instructor

Dyane Smokorowski, Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Trent Stern, Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Ramona Stowe, Adjunct Instructor

Amy Sudduth, Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Ruth Waggoner, Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Brant Winn, Adjunct Instructor

Pam Burrus, Accelerated United Elementary Education program coordinator - 913-971-3528

Janelle Hoffpauir, Licensure and Assessment Coordinator, AEE Academic Advisor

Glenna Murray, Administrative Assistant - 913-971-3292

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