Which graduate business degree is right for you?

A master's degree is never a bad choice to further your career. But how can you know if a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a Master of Science in Management (MSM) is better for you? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What would help me the most now?  Think about your current position and the company you work for now. What skills are going to be best suited for that environment?

    MSM: Whether you manage 1 or 100 people, the Master of Science in Management will refine your communication skills and give you the expertise you need to engage others in a way that motivates and inspires trust. Learn to be the manager who builds and leads solid teams of quality for profitability.

    MBA: Whether your job is in accounting, technology or strategy, our MBA will hone your skills and take you to the next level. Often considered the business standard, an MBA degree will position you for the next step in your career.

  2. What do you think will help you the most in the future?  How do you plan to get there? Think about where you want to take your career. Think about what skills would best balance out your past experience and knowledge base.

    MSM: We know that the ability to de-escalate conflicts, lead confidently, and speak knowledgeably with anyone in the organization are all skill-sets that are going to be desirable long into the future. Position yourself for future job growth and leadership.

    MBA: The MBA continues to be a traditional route for career advancement. By focusing on the elements of business in-depth, you’ll be prepared to work through finance, budget and management issues.

  3. Which courses sound the most interesting to you?  Think about the things you are naturally interested in. What do you enjoy? When it comes down to it, you are the one who is going to be doing the work. Choose the degree that you think will spark your learning ability.

    MSM: Enjoy working with people more than numbers? Want to be an entrepreneur, leader or even the person who guides your company into the next decade? With courses like Leadership: Theory & Practice, Mediation, Negotiations & Resolution of Conflict, Strategic Human Resource Management and Organizational Development & Leading Transformational Change, you can be the motivator for your company and take your career and those around you to the next level.
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    MBA: Yes, there will be math! But a challenge hasn't scared you off before. That's why you're pursuing the degree that will set you apart from the crowd. With courses like Managerial Economics, Applied Quantitative Methods, Legal Environment of Business and Strategic Management, your new and complete understanding of the language of business will guide you toward your passion and beyond.
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Differences at a glance


Meets on-site, 1 night per week
Fulfill 30 credit hours at $599 per credit hour
Complete your Master's degree in 20 months
Attend classes in Olathe

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Meets on-site, 1 night per week or fully online
Fulfill 36 credit hours at $599 per credit hour
Complete your MBA in 24 months
Attend classes in Olathe or online

Check out our Master of Business Administration page for full details.