RN to BSN program Online


Explores various nursing roles and the need for baccalaureate-prepared nurses. Links basic nursing courses with baccalaureate courses to begin to build new knowledge on prior experiences. Discusses methods for RN-BSN program success.

Reinforces pharmacological principles and how they relate to health and illness. Challenges students to investigate, process, and apply mechanisms of actions, side effects, contraindications, interactions, parameters for safe administration, evaluation of drug effectiveness, and adverse/toxic effects.

Contemporary nursing practice is explored through sociopolitical knowing related to the nurse-patient relationship and the profession of nursing. Concepts are examined through the lens of the evolution of nursing practice related to such issues as education, professional development, legal and political aspects, and workforce challenges.

Provides a foundation of holistic nursing knowledge, understanding and insight to promote patient- and family-centered holistic care. Explores methods to support self and patients through the holistic caring process with particular attention to wellness, varying cultural values, and spiritual needs.

Incorporates community health nursing as an aspect of nursing care across the lifespan. Knowledge and skills are developed to help assist individuals, families, and communities make responsible decisions that promote optimal physical, psychosocial, cultural, and spiritual wellness. Community care in underdeveloped countries is examined.

Cultivates students’ development as designers, managers, and coordinators of care in professional nursing. Encourages students to explore their roles in the profession as leaders, and to be instrumental in the healthcare of the future. Integrates current issues in healthcare with the nursing profession.

Facilitates increased clinical competence in the health assessment of individuals. History taking and holistic assessment skills are refined, which includes: physical, psychosocial, spiritual and risk assessments (genetics, environment, nutrition, exercise, stress, economics, and abuse).

Develops students’ knowledge of the research process, including the significance of nursing research and evidence-based practice. Educates students to become astute consumers of nursing research and to apply research to nursing practice. Computer applications that facilitate the research process, such as literature reviews, are used.

Integrates quality and safety concepts presented in professional healthcare standards. Further develops knowledge, skill, and attitudes needed by nurses in effective, contemporary practice.

Explores emerging concepts believed to impact the future of nursing in a changing healthcare environment. Investigates education requirements, practice issues, partnerships, policy-making, leadership development, and data collection and analysis for effective workforce planning.

As one of the final courses in the RN to BSN program, this course builds upon program concepts related to an evolving healthcare environment. Applies evidence from nursing research to focus on project development and dissemination to impact patient outcomes and lead change through nursing practice. Reflects on program outcomes as a culmination of the educational preparation as a baccalaureate nurse. Prerequisite: NURS 4703 Nursing Research.

Additional Course Requirements

Many of these classes may be evaluated for transfer to MNU. It is highly likely that you will qualify for transfer of credit. Up to 12 hours of these courses may be taken concurrently with the core nursing courses. Please check with one of our admissions counselors.

  • Human Growth & Development*
  • General Psychology
  • Intermediate Algebra
  • Probability & Statistics
  • English Comp 1
  • English Comp 2
  • Public Speaking or Communication
  • History, Sociology, or Anthropology
  • Anatomy & Physiology*
  • Nutrition*
  • Pathophysiology
  • Healthcare Economics
  • Biblical Perspectives
  • Microbiology or Chemistry
  • Ethical Issues in Healthcare

*Credit for these courses can be obtained through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). There is a $75 charge per credit hour.

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