Sexual Addictions Treatment Provider Certificate

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The MNU Sexual Addictions Treatment Provider Certification is designed to train clinicians, ministers, and lay leaders from a faith-based perspective.

This online, 15-hour program with a dual emphasis on quality training and clinical application is designed to prepare you for work in treating those who struggle with issues related to sexual obsessions and addictions.

you Should Know

  • Meets fully online
  • Fulfill 15 credit hours at $376 per credit hour
  • Complete your Certificate in 12 months
  • Attend classes online

Latest research on the prevalence of those who struggle with sexual addictions reveals that around 37 million people struggle today with issues surrounding this crippling addiction. Fifteen years ago, therapists rarely talked about having to address sexual addictions within their practice. With the emergence of the Internet and other easily accessible images and experiences, therapists are now talking about 50% of their clientele presenting with sexual addictions as either a primary or secondary issue.

Traditional training programs in therapy have not been equipped with the resources to assist in preparing students for effective work with this population. Become certified to help these people with the SATP certification from MidAmerica Nazarene University.

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  • August 2022

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Cost & Value

A degree from MNU is a competitively priced, affordable option designed for students with a busy schedule. We’re here to help you find the best options to assist you as you work toward earning your degree.

  • Credit Hours: 15 total
  • Tuition: $376/credit hour* $335/credit hour* for current and former
    MNU Master of Counseling students
    Deposit: $100** *Prices effective July 1, 2021 for new starts.
    **The deposit ensures your spot in the program
    and will be applied to your tuition and fees upon
    starting the program.

Payment Options

Your degree is an investment in your future. We have a variety of different payment options available, so you can choose the option or combination of options, that best fits your situation. Total cost, including fees and tuition, will be calculated based on your program, and can be divided into multiple payments. 

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MNU partners with many metro companies, organizations, and schools to provide reduced education costs for employees. With these partnerships, employees and some immediate family members can receive a discount on the Sexual Addictions Treatment Provider Certificate.

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MNU appreciates the service and protection that the Military provides for us all. We offer a Military Financial Aid Program that can help active military, veterans and their spouses reposition themselves in the working world.


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