Online and Virtual Teaching Certificate


This course considers the many aspects of technology-enhanced environments and the management strategies that contribute to a positive online environment and help facilitate access to technology. Candidates learn considerations for creating appropriate learning activities for students of diverse learning styles, stages of development, and cultural backgrounds. They develop a comprehensive, online technology management plan using multiple strategies for selecting and implementing technology resources to meet the diverse and specialized needs of learners.

This course introduces candidates to the blended learning environment. Course content covers its foundations, pedagogy, methodology, the social and ethical issues of acquiring and implementing high-quality resources, and technology operations and concepts. The course aligns to the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T). Course content examines the role and best practices for different types of delivery systems, specifically to blended educational settings.

This course overviews assessment principles and practices and emphasizes assessments’ integral role in teaching and learning. Candidates apply technology to facilitate a variety of effective assessment and evaluation strategies and learn the importance of establishing credible performance standards and communicating learners’ progress in accomplishing these standards.

This course introduces students to the resources, techniques, and best practices for designing courses in the online environment. 

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