TEFL Certificate to Teach English as a Foreign Language


This course will explore topics relating to methodology and instructional practices for the ELL. Topics include: methods, materials and instructional techniques; strategies for native language support; curricular and instructional accommodations and modifications; and literacy methodologies for ELLs.

The diverse and rich tapestry of cultures represented across the world. It will present techniques and content for interacting in a multicultural educational settings.

Areas in the scientific study of language include phonology, morphology, syntax and traditional, structural and transformational grammars. Application for English for Speakers of Other languages will be emphasized.

An overview of assessment issues relating to formal and informal first and second language assessment instruments and techniques will be provided in this course.

The practicum is a supervised, field-based experience in the education of English Language Learners grounded in a best-practices environment (45 hours). It is specifically designed to further develop and expand the practitioner’s knowledge and ability to be an effective ESL teacher.

Many now consider English to be an international language or the lingua franca in many situations. There are currently more non-native speakers of English in the world than there are native speakers. This course examines the opportunities to teach English to populations outside of the K-12 U.S. population. Areas explored include teaching English as an international or as a foreign language (TEFL), teaching adults, and teaching in alternative settings.

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