TEFL Certificate to Teach English as a Foreign Language


Nancy Damron

Nancy Damron

Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

PhD; Curriculum and Instruction, 2005, University of Kansas 
MEd; Education, 1998, MidAmerica Nazarene University

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Ramona Stowe

Ramona Stowe

Chair for Professional & Graduate Studies for Education
Associate Professor

Kansas Teaching Certification K-6; ESOL; Building Administrator

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Neil Friesland

Neil Friesland

Professor of Education

Kansas K-12 Special Education (Mental Retardation) 
Kansas 7-12 Biology 
Kansas 7-12 General Science

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Martin Dunlap

Martin Dunlap

Technology Enhanced Teaching Program Coordinator

EdD; University of Kansas, 1995
MEd; University of Kansas, 1981
BA; MidAmerica Nazarene University, 1976 

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Additional Faculty

Ellen Beckley, Ed.S., Adjunct Professor - 913-971-3292

Diane Bottomley, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor - 913-971-3292

Liddel Hobbin, M.E.T., Adjunct Professor - 913-971-3292

Scott Popplewell, Ed.D., Adjunct Professor - 913-971-3292

Leticia Porter, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor - 913-971-3292

Marsha Ratzel, M.A.T., N.B.C.T., Adjunct Professor - 913-971-3292

Anna Stubblefield, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor - 913-971-3292

Ruth Waggoner, Ed.D., Adjunct Instructor - 913-971-3292

Glenna Murray, Administrative Assistant - 913-971-3292

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