Facility Services

Mission statement

Our mission is to maintain buildings and grounds in a manner that provides a safe and pleasant environment for everyone on campus--employees, students and visitors; complete tasks in a timely manner at a reasonable cost with a big picture mentality; make decisions based on what is best for the institution, long range and short term, in a matter that affirms the dignity and worth of the students, faculty and staff.

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Grounds Department Duties

Housekeeping Department Duties

Purchasing Department Duties

Maintenance Department Duties

Repairs, including:

Generally, with few exceptions, all maintenance is performed at no cost to a division or department.  Any new equipment or additions, for example, new shelving or remodeling, is labor free (if done in house) with the material being charged to the department.

These duties are applied to all buildings on campus and two buildings off the main campus for a total of 23 buildings, with just under 500,000 sq. ft. The campus covers 105 acres.