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Heartland Math Teachers' Circle

Heartland Math Teachers' Circle

MidAmerica Nazarene University invites math teachers to participate in a continuing education workshop to rediscover the thrill of learning mathematics.

A Math Teachers’ Circle is a place where middle school math teachers (also open to high school and elementary teachers) and mathematicians come together to explore problem-solving approaches with interesting and fun math problems and to share classroom experiences and success.

During the three-day workshop, teachers will participate in a process of learning that puts the enjoyment back in mathematics through the investigation of intriguing problems. The Heartland Math Teachers’ Circle at MNU provides guidance and support for promoting critical thinking and problem-solving in the classroom.

This year the Heartland Math Teachers’ Circle will be offered in person.  The event is a three-day event, June 21-23, 2022, 8:30-4:00, offering engagement and group discussion.  Assignments will be required for those seeking continuing education credit. The registration fee is $75 (includes lunch and snacks each day). Continuing Education credit is available for an additional fee.

Register now by clicking on the credit hour

0 credit – Registration fee
1 Course Credit (15 hours*) – $90 plus registration fee
2 Course Credits (30 hours*) – $180 plus registration fee
3 Course Credits (45 hours*) – $270 plus registration fee

*The number of hours listed above is the expected time commitment. The time is a combination of workshop time and assignment time.

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