GSE Writing Rubric – Admissions


Name of Applicant:                                                                                                         Reviewer:                                                                                                                   Date:                                                                              











Content, Focus, & Purpose


Answers to questions are immediately clear in paragraph form; Specific examples are evident


Purpose can be inferred through careful reading; Mostly focused;  Some facts/claims are substantiated

Purpose of writing is difficult to infer; Writing loosely focused; Facts/claims unsubstantiated


Paragraph Structure

Information presented in a way that is engaging and informative; Main points of responses stand out; Well-ordered, logical responses; Related ideas grouped together

Information presented in a reasonably straightforward manner; Responses are connected to questions; Order of information provides picture of applicant; Related ideas are mostly together

Lack of organization leaves reviewer confused about what is most important to applicant; Key information in responses difficult to locate; Writing is uneven and ineffectively organized


Style & Terminology

Style & tone reflect applicantŐs comfort with and commitment to topics; Language fully appropriate;

Responses hold readerŐs attention; Sentences and phrases are varied

Style and tone show that applicant is interested in topic; Voice, for the most part, is appropriate; Language is occasionally ambiguous; Sentence and phrases are straightforward with some variation

Style and tone reflect applicantŐs discomfort with or indifference to topics;

Tone and language inappropriate (chatty, informal, etc.); Problems with word choice and sentence structure


Format, Layout, & Conventions

Manuscript contains few errors in mechanics, style or syntax that distract readers from content, mature, varied sentence structure, excellent word choice

Manuscript contains a few errors in mechanics, style or syntax that may distract readers from content, some variety of sentence structure, good word choice

Manuscript contains noticeable errors  in mechanics, style, and/or syntax that distract readers from content, inadequate sentence, poor word choice








  Levels:                       11-12 = Exemplary                                           10-11 = Proficient                                               7-9 = Average                                  6 & below is Unacceptable