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Admissions Counselors
Jessica Svoboda
Assistant Professor, Community Counseling Center Clinical Coordinator
Keegan Hunzeker
Admissions Counselor
James Leininger
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Leigh Kreshel
Chair of Natural Health and Mathematical Sciences, Assistant Professor
Tia Marie Strait
Department Chair, Pre-Licensure Nursing, EdD, MS
Renee Dutter Miller
Kay Hall
Coordinator for Student Academic Success
Giesele Taylor
Director of Persistence
Lon Dagley
Assistant Library Director
Jill Speicher
Assistant Professor
Teresa Hale-Lespier
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Katelyn Gibson
ABSN Program Specialist

Additional Information


Contact Janelle Hoffpauir, Licensure and Assessment Coordinator for MNU if you have questions regarding substitute teaching, teaching relicensure, becoming a teacher, and professional development. Janelle can be reached via email at or phone at 913.971.3526.


The University is authorized to offer associate’s degrees in all fields, bachelor’s degrees in all fields, and master’s degrees in the fields of Administration/Leadership, Business, Counseling, Education, Nursing and Religion. The University accreditation is through the Higher Learning Commission.