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New MNU RISE Opportunity Scholarship Provides More Opportunities for Adult Students

by Carol Best
adult female at a laptop with notebook and pencil

To affirm its commitment to workforce development in the region, MidAmerica Nazarene University announced the RISE Opportunity Scholarship program as a tangible investment in students’ educational and career goals in its School of Professional and Graduate Studies (SPGS). New students in many SPGS programs will be eligible for awards that reduce the cost of education, preparing them for the next step in their careers. The scholarship is not based on financial need or GPA.

MNU President David J. Spittal, EdD, says the university created this new opportunity now because economic conditions and the pace of life and work today make investing in oneself more challenging.

“We want this new program to help working adults to rise above the noise and negativity around them and reach for their hopes and dreams for the future,” Spittal said. “That takes commitment and hard work, so MNU wants to come alongside to provide another opportunity so they can take charge of their own stories. We hope the RISE Opportunity Scholarship program is just the encouragement they need.”

Learn more about the RISE Opportunity Scholarship by contacting the School of Professional and Graduate Studies to speak with a RISE representative at 913-971-3800 or visit

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