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16-Year-Old Freshman On Course To Graduate Early—Again

Rachel Morrow
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To say that Rachel Morrow is motivated is an understatement. 

The biology major, who entered MNU last year at 16, is on track to finish her degree in three years, which would put her in the graduation line at the age most people are just finishing their first year.

“When I have a goal, I don’t want to give it up at all,” Rachel says. “I think it’s a way to glorify God when you excel in what you do. God gives you those gifts, so you might as well use them for Him.”

Rachel and her two sisters, who are nursing majors and just finished their freshman year, were homeschooled. Sarah, 18, enjoyed voice training. Esther, 20, liked computer programming. Rachel painted, played the piano and often ran the length of the family’s expansive driveway, which has translated into a small track scholarship. However, nothing gave her a sense of accomplishment like plowing through her schoolwork. 
So starting at age 12, that’s what she did. By 15, she had completed calculus III, advanced prep chemistry, physics and the rest of her studies and was ready to take the ACT.

“The main reason was that God helped me,” she says of completing high school early. “At the end of the day, I would feel very accomplished if I got lots of studying done and also plenty of on-your-own tests.”

When a state college was slow in processing their paperwork, Rachel and her sisters decided to respond to an MNU advertisement that had come to their Garnett, Kansas, home. 

“When we called them, the staff was so fast and so responsive and got us set up right away,” she says. “We knew about MNU, but it wasn’t on our list because we didn’t think we could afford it. But when we contacted them, they said that we would be able to get good scholarships considering our ACT scores and everything, so they really helped us out a lot. I just feel so blessed to be here right now.”

Rachel and Esther began classes in the fall, and Sarah joined them in the spring. The sisters also are on-campus roommates.

Rachel is trying to take at least 17 credit hours per semester to stay on her accelerated plan. She hopes to become a doctor, something she has wanted since she was 10 and became interested in nutrition and natural cures. 
But future plans are not necessarily what keeps Rachel going day to day. She credits professors and friends with being the fuel in her academic engine.

“I just want to emphasize how much the people here mean to me,” she says. “They have helped me so much and have motivated me. They are the reason I get things done each day.”

Story by Melinda Ablard Smith ('90)

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