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Alum Appreciates His Training at MNU

John Heymach, RN, BSN

Having been in orientation [in a new job] for almost two weeks, I am thankful that I went to MNU for my nursing degree. I have started with 15 other graduating nurses, and only three have taken and passed the boards. Their schools are either behind with paperwork or have not sent their transcripts. Looking back on some of the classes and being tired, stressed, and feeling confused, I look at what the faculty was trying to accomplish, and I say thank you.

Our curriculum was far superior to what the other nurses have told me, and their skills sets are lacking. They are struggling with IV starts, disease knowledge and overall basic nursing skills. At times I felt our lab work was repetitive. I can only say that the constant practice and encouragement from our professors was amazing.

It was nice to realize that nursing not only encompasses the traditional basics, but faith as well. Already I have seen things that only faith could have played the role in people’s survival and families to carry on. MNU not only prepared me as a nurse, but as a spiritual person as well.

I can only hope that the other graduates in our class and the ones learning today will realize the impact of our professors, their career choice, and the foundation that you have helped us achieve.


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