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Alum’s Success Due to Continual Learning

Alum Climbs Ladder of Success 

By Britney Lewis ('16)
Aug. 25, 2014 

OLATHE, KAN., -- MNU business administration major Michael Smith (’10), graduated a year early hoping to enter the business world with full throttle. However, he didn’t expect to become vice president for Eagle Employer Services in McKinney, Texas so quickly. Founded in 1999, Eagle Employer Services is an insurance broker and professional employer organization (PEO), specializing in providing workers compensation for contractors.

A normal day for Smith consists of managing the payroll and tax administration for Eagle Employer Services’ clients, filing taxes on their behalf and building relationships with them. Smith is also the webmaster for the company’s website and their blog.

“I couldn’t imagine any other school preparing me for my career,” Smith said when asked about his education at MNU. “The professors at MNU care about the students, and they want you to succeed.”

Like many of the professors at MNU, Michael was stunned with how open they were. He didn’t expect them to talk about their personal lives or share their cell numbers with the class by putting them in the syllabus.

“I distinctly remember Professor Wallentine teaching her students to be different. She taught that our business can and will create it’s own group of followers and free marketing if we provided a unique and excellent product or service, and I have tried to implement this into my company.”

However, according to Michael, the best skill that MNU taught him wasn’t one particular piece of knowledge, but rather how to learn. He believes that no school can teach students everything they need to know for their future career because the business world is always changing and evolving.

“The best schools, though, teach you how to learn on your own, and how to adapt and capitalize those changes,” he says.

Michael’s advice for new grads and seniors is to never stop learning. Whether that is in the form of an MBA program, or one’s own self-directed studies.

“While others are content with their nine-to-five’s and relying on what they already know, the future will belong to those who continue to learn.”

He remembers his experience as a linebacker for the Pioneers and how the 2010 conference championship football team had the desire to never stop working.

“When the competition was tired and stopped working out and training, we had our chance to excel and surpass them,” he says. “Your career will be the same, except the battle is within the mind.”

To learn more about what Michael Smith does, or to contact him, visit their company website:

Read about MNU’s School of Business at

Eagle Employer Services office is located in a local airport hangar they call the “Mancave.” Due to its uncommon location, many customers and non-customers love stopping by just to hang out. In early August 2014, they were filmed for a TV spot simply for having a “really cool” work environment. 



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