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Armand Banks

Armand Banks, 2015 graduate of MNU,
Armand Banks

All kinds of people are drawn to MNU alum Armand Banks.

Class of 2015
Criminal Justice

Maybe it's his electric personality, or the way his eyes crinkle up with his huge smile. All kinds of people are drawn to MNU alum Armand Banks.

Armand came to MNU on a football scholarship. He grew up playing ball at a St. Louis area high school and played for the Pioneers as an offensive lineman for four years. Armand will readily tell you that his childhood was "harder than most, but better than some," he says. At a young age, he assumed the responsibilities of someone much older.

The concepts of Christlike faith and life transformation were somewhat new for Armand when he arrived at MNU. "I wasn't really sure what to think," he says. He studied criminal justice, balancing classwork with football and a night shift job at Kids TLC. Like many other athletes, he also met friends and coaches who changed his life.

Life nearly came to a halt in Armand's senior year at MNU. "My mom was involved in severe substance abuse, and it was up to me to get her out and into a better situation," he says. So he personally moved her to Olathe to be close to him, in the midst of his responsibilities in the classroom and on the field.

Graduating in 2015, Armand became the first person in his family to earn a college degree. "My past didn't have to determine my future," he says. His faith has grown, and Armand is forever grateful to his coaching staff for modeling humbleness and teaching him to trust God with each decision.

Today, Armand is married to his college sweetheart and pursuing his personal passion of barbering. Inspired by the relationships that can be formed through this trade, he is motivated to pay forward the same care and concern that formed the bedrock of his relationships at MNU.

To Armand, the future of MNU is filled with purpose. He is excited to see new facilities and scholarship opportunities, so that others can experience transformation while they are a part of the MNU community.

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