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Becoming a Google Campus

Olathe Campus Enters Phase Two of Technology Renewal

Whether in the dorm, the classroom, out on the campus mall or at a desk, MNU students and employees will soon enjoy significantly faster Internet speeds and greatly enhanced bandwidth with phase two of MNU’s primary campus technology renewal. Phase one was completed in September with the installation of new fiber optic cable across campus. 

As Vice President for Finance Kevin Gilmore (’84) says, “Phase one was fiber in the ground; phase two is the local area network which includes new equipment, switches and routers within the buildings connecting to the fiber.”

The new local area network is an extensive upgrade according to Mark Leinwetter, information technology services manager.

 “It’s a new local area network that includes hardware that extends the signal to all new internal and external Wi-Fi,” Leinwetter says. “Users will notice a remarkable, tangible difference in speed and bandwidth.”

Another benefit is the new comprehensive network management system that will allow IT to monitor the system 24/7 and make changes and new configurations as needed, resulting in less down time for users. Phase two completion is scheduled for the first half of 2016.

Grant funding for this project has allowed project directors to be even more forward thinking in their planning for redundancies and future replacement contingencies. 

“We have conduit in place parallel to the conduit in use so that when the fiber needs replacement, it can be done without disrupting service,” Gilmore says. “This was suggested by our consultants and further aided by access to the grant funding.”

Enhancing user experience exponentially will be the addition of Internet service provider Google Fiber. The lightning fast 1G speed of Google fiber is at least 10 times faster than current speed. Google approached MNU with their ultrafast service for select businesses that is currently available only in Austin, Texas, Kansas City and Provo, Utah. The installation of Google Fiber will require a build out to the campus and Santa Fe Commons and should be complete within the next three to six months. 

These activities are supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Title III Strengthening Institutions Program; 100% is federally-funded.


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