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Bright Futures: Adventures in Multimedia

Say the words “Adventures in Odyssey to any Generation Y church kid, and you’re likely to elicit a nostalgic grin. The epic epithet refers to the Christian radio drama that has captured the imaginations of millions of children and teens. Produced by parachurch organization Focus on the Family (FOTF), the series seeks to teach young listeners Christian values through dramatic, hilarious, and antic-filled radio stories.

Growing up, Josiah Crandall couldn’t wait to tune into Adventures in Odyssey every afternoon.  So when he began researching internships as a multimedia major at MNU, Focus on the Family was his top pick.

“I was getting ready for the summer, and I knew I needed an internship for my major…I thought hey, what about Focus on the Family?” Josiah says. “That’s been a big part of my life – especially listening to Adventures in Odyssey when I was growing up.”

Soon after he applied, Josiah became one of the few students selected to intern at FOTF’s audio drama department in Colorado Springs.

“Working at Focus on the Family – a ministry-based organization that gets to use multimedia in their ministry – is something I’ve always wanted to do,” Josiah. “It’s kind of a dream job for me.”

Josiah soon found that his dream job exceeded his expectations. His summer included memorable experiences like directing voice actors for Odyssey characters, meeting with FOTF President Jim Daly, and editing Odyssey episodes along with veteran producers Paul McCusker and Dave Arnold.

“I got to do writing, video, audio – just about everything encompassed in multimedia,” Josiah says.

Since returning from his internship, Josiah has been applying what he learned to his academic and extracurricular responsibilities, which include serving as the general manager of MNU’s student-run television station, acting in the MNU improv team and theatre productions, creating freelance videos for MNU’s Associated Student Government, and working as a videography intern in MNU’s Office of Marketing and Communications. 

MNU faculty and staff agree that the FOTF internship allowed Josiah to develop his already impressive multimedia skillset. Professor of Communication Mark Hamilton says Josiah is well equipped to excel in various areas of media production.

“He is one of my top multimedia majors,” Hamilton says. “I have been most impressed with his work as general manager of our campus television station – TV2.  He demonstrates strong leadership skills, motivates the student staff, and successfully promotes the station.”

MNU Creative Services Manager Josh Klekamp, who oversees Josiah’s internship at the MNU marketing office, describes Josiah as a “Swiss-army-knife worker.”

“In a world where you have to know so many different skillsets to work in the multimedia field, Josiah not only has the skills needed to accomplish projects where all those areas are integrated – he displays a willingness to learn more,” Klekamp says.

As he reflects on his internship, Josiah sees it as a vital step toward translating his passion for media into a career.

“The whole opportunity was a really good way for me to see what a real work environment was like,” Josiah says. “It will help me in the future when I’m looking for jobs.”

Until then, Josiah plans to continue his relentless pursuit of excellence.

“My internship showed me some of the hard work that really goes into making these things come alive,” Josiah says. “And it’s just pushing me even further to get better at what I do.”

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