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Collaboration with Olathe Fire Department Makes Realistic Simulation for Students

Yesterday the Olathe Fire Department participated in a collaborative simulation with pre licensure nursing students at MNU. For students it started as a regular day in class when they were alerted to a crisis happening in the parking lot. As a group, the class with their professor, Kata Conde, MSN, RN, assistant professor of nursing, rushed to the parking lot to find Olathe Fire and Rescue Engine 54 and its firefighters attending to a “patient.” The “patient” was one of MNU’s patient simulators, a computerized mannequin that can be programmed to display many health problems for the purpose of student instruction and practice.

While emergency personnel performed their duties, utilizing portable equipment to monitor and treat an unresponsive patient, the students were emerged in the situation as Conde quizzed them and also instructed on what was happening.

Then it was the students’ turn as the patient was transported to the virtual patient center at MNU. The students received the patient, charted medications and symptoms and began monitoring and treating the patient. At one point during the simulation, the patient coded, meaning his heart stopped and he had to be resuscitated. After the simulation the students debriefed with Fire Department personnel and professors.

According to Conde it was an exciting learning experience for everyone.

“I believe the main take-away from the experience was the importance of communication,” Conde says. “The OFD added multiple dimensions of realism to our simulation while enhancing learning for all involved.”

This was the sixth time the OFD has collaborated with MNU nursing students in a patient simulation.


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