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Dr. Larry Fine

Dr. Larry Fine

"This generation is the most sensitive, open, vulnerable and honest I've ever seen."

A quiet, gentle spirit and genuine interest in getting to know those around him are just a few of the things that make Dr. Larry Fine one of MNU's most respected and beloved faculty members.

Dr. Fine's teaching career at MNU spans 47 years. He's spent all of them as a member of what is known today as the Department of Bible, Theology and Mission. He developed and led the school's first international trip to an overseas site: a student trip to Israel in 1974. Multiple diplomas hanging from his office wall, and too many books to count.

At his core, Dr. Fine is a teacher. He's trained and taught pastors, students who want to become pastors, and even those in the mental health profession. Thousands of MNU students have been personally impacted by Dr. Fine's commitment to Christian service and education.

He carries a particularly deep passion for students preparing to enter a career in ministry to become emotionally and spiritually healthy. "If they're going to have to give emotional and spiritual guidance to others, they need to be healthy in those areas, too," he says. This passion led to Dr. Fine's development of the pastoral counseling and spiritual formation courses that ministry students take during their junior and seniors years at MNU.

Though retired from full-time teaching at MNU, as a professor emeritus, he continues to teach a handful of spiritual formation classes. He speaks occasionally in chapel, where his steady voice challenges students to commit their problems to a sovereign, unchanging God.

To Dr. Fine, the future of MNU is significant.

"This generation is the most sensitive, open, vulnerable and honest I've ever seen."

"They're real. I have tremendous hope for this group of students that are here now. They have a tremendous chance at great ministry in the future because they are more real and accepting, and that means they can reach more people," he says.

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