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Father and Son Complete MBA Together

Greg and Michael Hephner in front of their business.
Accent Fall 2017
Greg (left) and Michael Hephner.

Greg (’86, MBA ’17) and Michael (’10, MBA ’17) Hephner are taking father-son activities to a whole new level. Not only are the two in business together at their multigenerational Hephner TV & Electronics store in Wichita, Kansas, but they also recently completed MNU’s online Master of Business Administration program—together.

Greg and Michael had always looked forward to a time when MNU would offer an online MBA program, so when it began in 2015, Greg (who is also a member of the Board of Trustees) and his son jumped at the opportunity to do it.

“After being out of college for 30 years, it was good to go back and learn the latest trends and work through the new management and organization leadership courses,” Greg says. “Business has come a long way!”

The two small-business owners found the content in the “well-planned and well-structured” courses to be extremely beneficial and applicable.

“We could finish a project and immediately start implementing what we had learned,” Michael explains.


It is a rare privilege to be in business with your son. Rarer still to be able to complete our MBA together. I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

Greg Hephner

Not only did the online program offer convenience and flexibility, it played to Greg’s strengths as a visual learner. Videos and lectures were always available if he needed to go back and review something.

Besides the quality content and good pacing, the program boasts something that MNU has always been known for: professors who care. The two found the professors very engaged and easily accessible. They were also knowledgeable of their subject matter and taught in a variety of styles.

Another strength of the program is that the business content was wrapped in Christian ethics. Most of the professors spoke about servant leadership. And the program, which is open to anyone regardless of faith, is centered on Christ and doing business according to biblical principles.

These Christ-centered business practices are exactly the kind of strategies the Hephners are looking forward to implementing in their electronics store, which has been open since 1950. This father and son are pleased to take their new knowledge and grow their business for the next generation.

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