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FCA Huddle Underway at MNU

Assistant Football Coach Blake Walker, says the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) was the bridge for him from a 19-year-old student athlete searching for his place in the world, to a sold-out “Christian who happens to be an athlete.” With a passion to help others find their way, Walker helped start MNU’s first FCA Huddle last spring.

"I have a heart for FCA’s positive impact on people,” he relates. “An FCA camp is where I found Christ.”

With Head Coach Brian Wilmer’s full support, Walker recruited MNU athletes from football, basketball, softball, cheerleading and volleyball to both attend the twice-a-month meetings and also serve as leaders in the organization. The meetings are open to anyone who considers themselves an athlete whether or not they are currently playing organized sports.

According to FCA the campus ministry’s mission is to present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church. Walker says students in MNU’s huddle range from those who have no previous exposure to church or Christian beliefs to individuals who have a strong commitment to Christ. All are welcome. His goal is to make the meetings and the huddle’s events applicable to the students’ interests and the issues with which they are confronting on a daily basis.

“For many athletes, their sport is everything to them,” Walker says. “I want to open their eyes to the fact that sports is not the main thing. We talk a lot about playing for an audience of one and what it means to do everything for Christ.”

Walker says it is important to know that FCA is not like a chapel service. The format includes a time of worship led by football athletes Austin and Garrett Rousselle, Isaac Yamamoto and Joseph Rosales. Assistant Coaches Molly Brewster (volleyball) and Emily Michels (softball) assist Walker in break-out discussion groups. The goal is to have interactive meetings with discussion that causes participants to think and dialog. Walker says it also helps grow community amongst the different sports and encourages teams to attend games for other sports.

Walker hopes more athletes will attend and get involved in the huddle this fall. Plans for this coming academic year include holding social events and involving more students in leading worship or presenting their testimony. FCA meets Sunday nights at 7:30 p.m., every other week, in Cook Center’s Hager Lecture Hall. Follow MNU FCA on Instagram and Twitter.


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