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Joslene Wakefield (’13, MSM ‘16) is a curious person. She reads the last page before she reads the entire book, so she can discover how the writer drew his conclusions.

As a recruiter for talent acquisitions at H& R Block, she also enjoys discovering hidden abilities. 

“When I was young I liked word search puzzles, finding hidden talent in others is like that,” Joslene asserts. 

Asking questions, digging into one’s work history, she often finds candidates who’ve used a particular skill set that H & R Block is hoping to utilize. Many times, she says, the interviewee didn’t realize they were using that skill because it was in a different atmosphere.

“I like opening the minds of others to talent not initially seen,” she says. 
With a new-found confidence and her Master of Science in Management degree from MNU, Joslene has walked through opened doors to a robust career.  She uses every tool at her disposal, from networking at job fairs to connecting through social media on Linked In, Facebook or Twitter.  She has helped bring her company to a capacity just short of full employment.
A place to be heard
Contributing to her success, MNU was the perfect place for Joslene to learn. She found smaller groups, which were well organized, making it easier to manage her studies and connect with other students who were just as dedicated.  Her passion for wonder was encouraged. Asking questions and sharing vulnerably about her challenges was welcomed and rewarded. In this environment, Joslene says she felt she was heard.

Invest in yourself, invest in the future
The degrees she earned at MNU weren’t just about knowledge, Joslene became more disciplined and a better communicator. That’s what gave her the confidence to make changes in her career. Joslene lives by the mantra, “If you want something different, do something different.” Completing the next level of her education was the best choice for her. 

Joslene reflects, “Investing in yourself is not just for your benefit, it impacts future generations.” The future belongs to the curious. 

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