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MNU Board Chair Shares Presidential Search Direction

The MNU Board of Trustees is engaged in the process of a presidential search for the University. Chairman of the Board Dr. Larry McIntire continues to inform the campus community of progress reached and process-related information. The following is his latest letter to constituents.

September 8, 2011

I must say the past several weeks have been educational and inspiring for the Presidential Search Committee. It has been encouraging as we have met with faculty, staff, pastors, alumni, and our community family. While we all agree there are problems to be addressed, the unity of purpose and commitment at MNU is evident. Our final forum, this Thursday evening, will be held with the students. It is our hope that hundreds of students will attend. While many large gatherings ask that cell phones be turned off, we are asking all students to bring their phones and be prepared to use them! The students will be asked to text responses to several questions. These responses will immediately be tallied on a large screen for all to see. It should be a fun and informative meeting. My next communication, in two weeks, will summarize the results from all of the forums.

This Thursday concludes a six-week period of prayer and listening to the wise counsel of our MNU community. With literally hundreds of people meeting with the Search Committee through the forums or contacting us via email at:, we feel well prepared to move to the next phase of the search. By the end of September, we will have a finalized and approved presidential profile, which will detail the qualifications and competencies of our next president. All of October and the first half of November we will be networking to generate a strong list of nominees. We are trusting the Board will be able to narrow down the list and elect a new president in January. Without even asking, the MNU community has submitted around 20 names of individuals who may be good nominees or contacts who would know of qualified individuals. EFL, our search consultant, will be communicating with these and many other sources.

A question posted on our email site was also asked at a recent forum. Since it has come up more than once, I thought it might be good to address. The question is: "What exactly is the role of the search firm (EFL) you have hired?”

First of all, EFL’s role is NOT to select the next president. They are 100% responsive to the direction and criteria established by the Board of Trustees and Search Committee. Their role is to support the Board and provide necessary expertise to this important decision. By hiring professional outside assistance we hope to avoid common pitfalls in a presidential search.

I am confident in the search team we have assembled at MNU. While it will take a little longer to select a president than in the past, the time is well worth it. It is time filled with prayer and discerning God’s direction. I believe God will honor this approach. It is too important NOT to wait upon Him and seek His direction each step along the way. We continue to request your prayers and input.

Larry McIntire

Chairman of the Board

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