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MNU Student Receives $70,000 ROTC Scholarship

Persistence pays off. That's the lesson Drew Bauerle, a sophomore at MidAmerica Nazarene University, learned during his quest to serve his country by joining the armed forces.

As a high-schooler, Bauerle pursued joining various branches of the military, but was turned away due to high blood pressure, a medical condition that prevented him from enlisting. Seeing the determination to serve his country, the Army allowed Bauerle to enlist in their ROTC program. Now a first-year student at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas, Bauerle's persistence is paying off. On Monday, Cadet Bauerle received an unexpected check from the Kansas Army ROTC in the amount of $72,238 - enough to cover all of his remaining tuition, room and board at MNU.

"To me, as a veteran of 20 years, it is so refreshing for me to talk to students and have the first thing they say be about their desire to serve their country," shares Captain Trent Miller, an ROTC recruiting officer who works with the Jayhawk Battalion, of which MNU is a member. Army ROTC awards numerous scholarships to enlisted students each year. However, a recent surplus of scholarship funds allowed the Jayhawk Battalion to award an incremental scholarship to 3 Kansas cadets, including Bauerle, who is studying psychology at MNU.

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