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New High Speed Internet Connection for Dorms

Internet Upgrades To Dorms and All Campus Buildings

August 15, 2013

When residential students return to MNU this month they will enjoy an all-new high-speed Internet connection in residence halls. Installation is nearing completion of a higher speed, wired and wireless network system. Residents will enjoy much more available bandwidth than in the past, and the all-new wireless network system will provide even stronger coverage and more connectivity. Installation is expected to be complete by around Labor Day.

The new upgrade means the residence halls will have their own 200 Mbps network for much faster file downloads and uploads, faster web browsing, smoother video and  audio streaming, and better gaming opportunities. While this is a separate network from other campus buildings, students will still be able to access all the online University resources, such as the Library systems, email and MNU’s learning management system (Moodle).

Wired network ports in each room will also be connected to the Internet through the new 200 Mbps connection. Residents can provide their own Ethernet switch inside their rooms to connect additional network devices (computers, game systems).

Continuing a long relationship with MNU, Surewest has been chosen as the partner to provide these new network services for the residence halls. In preparation, they have laid a significant amount of new fiber connections to service the residence halls. Another upgrade to the campus from Surewest is a doubling of their portion of the Internet connection to the rest of the main campus resulting in a160 Mbps connection. MNU’s Liberty site will also be upgraded from 3 to 10 Mbps.

Marty Crossland, PhD, associate vice president for technology, is enthusiastic about the upgraded service for students.

“Overall, residential students should find the new network much more responsive and suitable for all their technology connection needs,” Crossland says. “Additionally, the rest of the campus will benefit by having their own dedicated network, apart from the residence halls, with a 50 percent higher available bandwidth.”

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