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New Passion to Serve Project Has $50,000 Goal

MNU’s 2015-2016 Passion to Serve project will benefit four communities in Haiti. Students will guide efforts to raise $50,000 to install a soccer field and assist with other related projects. Now in its seventh year, Passion to Serve is MNU’s comprehensive service project imagined and carried out by students. This year’s “LQVE Haiti” is in partnership with Heart to Heart International (HHI) and expands on the 2013 project in which MNU students and friends funded $60,000 toward the first school to be built in Cascade Pichon, Haiti.

The name LQVE Haiti comes from a special bond with an amazing MNU student who passed away in a tragic auto accident January 1, 2015. Nursing student Quincy Foster—Q as her family and friends knew her—traveled to Haiti in 2013 on a mission trip. She fell in love with the people of this country and knew from that point on that missions and Haiti would forever be her passion. This year MNU students will honor Quincy’s legacy by helping the four communities of Anse-a-Pitres, Thiotte, Grand-Gosier, and Belle-Anse in the country she pledged to serve.

In addition to raising funds, plans for the project also include sending four volunteer teams to Haiti throughout the academic year. Soccer programs will be developed, camps conducted and tournaments established in the four communities with the support of MNU’s Pioneer women’s Soccer team. Senior Nursing students will work in clinics in the Southeast region of the country providing basic healthcare services.

MNU organizers encourage anyone interested in helping the LQVE Haiti project to visit the Passion to Serve website where one can read the project blog, donate and watch the progress toward the $50,000 goal. 


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