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Olathe Mayor Announces Tuesdays in Olathe are MNU Tuesdays

Olathe mayor Michael Copeland recognized MidAmerica Nazarene University (MNU) in a proclamation at this week’s city council meeting when he declared Tuesdays to be distinguished citywide as “MNU Tuesdays.”

MNU President David Spittal (left) with Olathe Mayor Michael Copeland at the Oct. 2, 2012 city council meeting where the Mayor proclaimed Tuesdays in Olathe “MNU Tuesdays.”

Copeland, an MNU alumnus, said the proclamation reflects the partnership between the city and the university throughout MNU’s 46 years of operation. 

“MNU’s rich history and proud legacy are woven throughout the very fabric of our community,” said Copeland.

The institution of MNU Tuesdays will complement the university’s various community development initiatives, including their monthly leadership luncheon and weekly community chapel.

“We are proud to recognize the many MNU leaders and alumni whose vision and leadership have helped shape the direction and future of our city,” said Copeland. “We commend MNU for building successful relationships, fostering our sense of community spirit, and creating a shared vision for the future.”

MNU President Dr. David Spittal responded to the proclamation on the university’s behalf.

“Through the leadership of faculty, staff, students and alumni, MNU has historically served the community in churches, government, community organizations, and charitable agencies,” said Spittal. “The university has and will continue to look for opportunities to expand its impact on the community.”

Accompanying the announcement of MNU’s second highest enrollment in university history, and a 9 percent increase over last fall, Spittal pledged MNU’s continued dedication to collaborating with the city of Olathe for the common good.

“MNU Tuesdays will serve as a focal point of our commitment to the building of a strong community,” said Spittal. “We seek to affirm our commitment to continue that tradition so that the city of Olathe, MNU, and the surrounding community can continue to grow together.”

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