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Pete Brumbaugh

Be a Pioneer

Pete Brumbaugh: Opportunist

Taking opportunities further than he ever dreamed possible is how Pete Brumbaugh looks at his life, career and education. The MNU alum says it all happened because he became a Pioneer.

It started when Pete was senior public relations specialist at Garmin International – representing the company to international press and leading product launches. Even with much success, he knew he needed an MBA. Though accepted to several other graduate schools, he chose MNU because of its reputation for producing student leaders.

“I wanted to go someplace that develops character in their students,” says Pete.

Besides earning a degree, he found knowledge he could apply immediately.

“You surprise yourself by what you’ve learned, and finding real-life application for what’s taught in the class,” Pete says. “Sometimes it happens the next day, sometimes it takes months, but it all comes back to you.”

“Some people just think an MBA is going to advance your career. I think at MidAmerica, an MBA advances your life.”

In the program Pete took on a project to help Heart to Heart International solve a strategic problem. His presentation to the international relief agency led to a consulting opportunity – then a job. Eventually he became a vice president, pursuing a new found passion to make a global impact.

“Some people just think an MBA is going to advance your career,” Pete says. “I think at MidAmerica, an MBA advances your life.”

Since earning his degree Pete continues advancing this passion. Now director of sustainability at Global Brigades, Inc., he advocates development for underserved communities in Honduras, Panama and Ghana by raising support to empower thousands of U.S. college students to serve in those countries.

“I’ve had an opportunity to make a global impact, and a lot of it’s because I was able to have this incredible experience at MNU.”

That’s why Pete says he’s aiming beyond making a name for himself in the corporate world. Instead, he’s interested in making a difference through empowering others.

“MNU really prepares you to be a pioneer,” he adds. “You don’t settle, and you don’t accept the status quo. You’re pursuing something better. You’re pursuing a better life – a life filled with purpose and passion.”

Start your journey of purpose and passion – be a Pioneer. Learn more about the MBA and other professional and graduate programs at MNU. 

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