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Pioneer Devotionals: From the Heart of Faculty

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Accent Winter 2017 Magazine

In a meeting between professors Jamie Myrtle, Dr. Mike Gough and myself, an idea was born. It’s important to all three of us that our students hear the faith-hearts of the faculty. And so began Pioneer Devotionals. While many of us offer devotional thoughts in our classes, they are often drawn from the writings of other Christians. Pioneer Devotionals are different because they are written from our hearts.

We’ve invited faculty across all schools, majors and programs to participate. You’ll find them published online in MNU Blogs.

Read one of the devotionals below. And thank you to Dr. Linda Alexander, copy editor, and our contributors to date:

  • Linda Alexander, PhD
  • Tyler Blake, PhD
  • Bruce Flanders
  • Dean Flemming, PhD
  • Mary Fry, PhD
  • Mike Gough, DMin
  • Mark Hayse, PhD
  • Kimberly Humerickhouse, PhD
  • Ron Jackson
  • Luke Johnson, DMA
  • Mary Jones, PhD
  • Susan Larson, PhD
  • Jim Leininger
  • Jordan Mantha, PhD
  • Jamie Myrtle
  • Kelvin St. John, DMin
  • Pat Walsh


Jesus is Tested

Luke 4:1-14
By Kim Hummerickhouse

Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the desert, where for forty days he was tempted by the devil…

Just like Jesus, we too are faced with temptation. Many times we are strong and overcome temptation but there are also many times when we, as humans, are weak, and choose to give in to temptation, justifying to ourselves and others that it’s okay to do so.


For the rest of the devotional click here


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