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The President's Message: Look for the Lifters

Photo of Dr. David Spittal in front of Lunn Building on campus
Accent Summer 2020 Magazine
MNU President Dr. David Spittal

Since the first warnings of the coronavirus, the word pandemic, which was not a very familiar word to us before, has become an active part of our vocabulary. The dramatic changes we have experienced in all aspects of life moved us rapidly into crisis mode as things we’ve taken for granted have been replaced by adjustment, uncertainty and even confusion. 

Throughout scripture, even in the most distressing circumstances, God is at work and the evidence of His presence is clearly recorded. He promised then and now that in our weakness He provides His strength, in uncertainty He offers hope and in confusion He brings peace beyond our understanding. But many still ask, “Where is God in all this and where is the evidence of His presence?” 

My father used to tell me the world divides into two groups of people, the leaners and the lifters. The leaners are those who stand by waiting for someone else to respond to the problem and remedy the situation. When faced with crisis, he said, follow the lifters. Even though they don’t seek or
get attention, they are the heroic leaders who serve quietly with passion and courage. Lifters among us are better known as first responders because that is exactly who they are and what they do.
Throughout its history, MNU has emphasized God’s call to lead lives of purpose and do so with a compelling passion to serve others, regardless of vocation. During these challenging days, we want to especially recognize our graduates who are the lifters in healthcare, such as nurses, physicians and emergency first responders. They occupy the front lines of this battle and as they serve, they provide evidence of God’s heart and hands in action. 

Mark 9:41 reminds us, “If anyone gives you even a cup of water because you belong to the Messiah, I tell you the truth, that person will surely be rewarded.” We salute our Pioneers who are the lifters among us representing Jesus Christ with courage, skill and a passion to serve.

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