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The President's Message: The Power of God’s Momentum

Photo of Dr. David Spittal
Accent Summer 2021 Magazine
MNU President Dr. David Spittal

Recently someone asked me if life seems to be moving more rapidly than ever before, and my answer was an immediate “Yes.” Amid a pandemic with all its ramifications, it is evident that change, both positive and negative, has accelerated many dimensions of life and the myriad of decisions confronting us.

Many conversations now include the word “momentum” to describe the feeling that everything is moving quickly and our comfort zones are stretched. 

I don’t think much about high school science class these days and I am certain I was not paying attention when Newton’s Second Law was discussed. For some of you, perhaps the formula F= dp/dt will bring back fond memories. In essence, Newton discovered that the rate of change is equal to the force “F” behind it. Apparently, when power and persistent force are applied to an object, the speed and magnitude respond accordingly. It is simple. More power equals more momentum. It is not difficult to apply this law to physical objects in our lives and even to the press for change in many areas of life we once considered “normal.”   

Zechariah recorded this reminder from the Lord, “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.” Zechariah 4:6 (KJV). Resistance to rapid change is a human defense mechanism and some resistance may be necessary. But what if the powerful force behind the press for change in the world these days is evidence that God is at work even in what we might call the uncomfortable new normal? Can God’s power still be at work to bring good in the midst of uncertainty?  

Helen Calder paraphrased the Lord’s words this way: “Perhaps it is time for an encounter with my Presence. And when the weight of my glory collides with your preparation and your obedience, you are going to experience unstoppable momentum.” 

This issue of the ACCENT reflects the exciting momentum and progress we are experiencing on our campus. Stable enrollments, the start of construction on the new Cunningham Center, the growth and extension of our capital campaign, new academic programs and new endowed scholarships do not overshadow a strong awareness of God’s presence on our campus and the evidence of lives transformed by His Spirit. 

Perhaps the best evidence of Newton’s Second Law is the evidence of God’s power and the reason for our celebration is best expressed in Isaiah 43:19 (MSG), where the Lord says, “Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?” 

We do see it and give praise to God, for it is amazing to behold!


Dr. David J. Spittal, President

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Summer 2021

Momentum builds with new construction, the return to in-person Commencement and athletic success despite the pandemic! Enjoy this issue of Accent Summer 2021.

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