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The President's Message: When God Calls Her

Photo of Dr. David Spittal in front of Lunn Building on campus
Accent Fall 2019 Magazine
MNU President Dr. David Spittal

Within the biblical account of human creation, God determined very quickly that it was not good for man to live alone, and he created a “helper,” which in the language of the day did not translate to be a slave, second-class citizen or subservient.

In the June 2014 issue of Christianity Today, Suzanne Burkey provided a more accurate version of the ancient Hebrew translation as “To end the loneliness of the single human, I will make another strong power, corresponding to it.”  Throughout the Old and New Testaments, it is evident God called women to significant leadership roles in the world and in his kingdom to fulfill his will.

One of the distinctives of the Church of the Nazarene from its earliest days has been a clear recognition that God’s gifts and talents are invested equally in men and women. God calls both to leadership roles in the world and at all levels of ministry. In 1848, Wesleyan-Holiness women hosted the very first women’s rights conference in the nation and later were deeply involved in the abolitionist movement, the underground railroad and women’s suffrage.

Through the years, the challenges of society and conflicting external voices have not altered the Nazarene and Wesleyan-Holiness positions regarding the role of women in leadership. 

At MNU, we firmly believe God calls both men and women to pursue the hopes, dreams and purposes he has planted in their hearts. Thousands of young women, like the ones you will read about in this issue, have discovered God’s plan for their lives on this campus. They serve around the world as strong, effective leaders in business, education, healthcare, sciences, ministry and the home. The university celebrates the women of MNU, past, present and future.

A life is transformed and empowered when God calls her name, and she answers.

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