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For Prof, Connections and Impact Are Key

Bo Cassell, MA, associate professor of sociology, sociology student advisor

Why I teach:

For Bo Cassell, teaching is about helping students make the connection between who they’re becoming intellectually and who they’re growing to be as human beings; all while tying those things into God’s purposes in his Kingdom.

My gift is teaching, but my calling is to equip the church to participate in God’s kingdom. My big passion is college students, and impacting their lives in a meaningful way. All those factors pointed me to becoming a professor.  I love teaching sociology content, but I also love participating in the spiritual lives of students. It’s a blessing when you can create deep, spirit-filled relationships with students and they want you to have prayer and be part of their eternal journey. It’s very fulfilling to participate in the development of the eternal soul of a child of God, and it’s awesome to be at a university where we can do that intellectually and spiritually. No college professor on their deathbed will look back and say, “I wish I made more money,” or, ‘I wish I spent more time organizing my lecture.’ What we truly would ask is, ‘did I impact another person?’

Recent Work:

Cassell is studying the intersection of religion and consumerism.

“I have specifically explored the mutually reinforcing holiday structures, and the rise of black Friday as a holiday for consumerism. I'm interested in exploring consumerism as ritual, how capitalism adopts religious forms, and how religion benefits from this arrangement as well.”


Cassell has many years of experience working with youth and young adults, directing mission programs, developing youth conferences and serving as a youth pastor. He’s authored three books, including Water, Fire, Wind: The Elements of Following Christ, and Global Christianity: The Life We’re Called To Live. He has also  published several articles in Group Magazine, Journal for Student Ministries, Youthworker Journal, and CredoMagazine.

A self-proclaimed student of missions and culture, Cassell has traveled to over a dozen countries, and set foot on every continent except Antarctica.

He is a graduate of Pepperdine University, Fuller Theological Seminary, and University of Missouri, Kansas City. He holds two masters’ degrees and is working toward a PhD. He lives just outside Kansas City, Missouri. 

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