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Prof's Ethical Influence Spans Decades

Dr. Mike Gough, professor of business

Why I teach:

I enjoy the professional and personal relationships with my students the most. It’s very satisfying to watch their personal growth from freshman to senior. This year begins my 32nd year at MNU, so I have followed many students’ careers after graduation. A number of my students have gone on to pursue higher education, such as law school or an MBA. It is highly rewarding to follow what they do.

Our University is able to teach the whole person. There is a spiritual side to every person that cannot be neglected. Every person has some type of worldview that affects his or her decision-making. We explore the Christian worldview and help students understand the importance of being a consistent follower of Christ.

Recent Work:

I teach business ethics. I think it is a very important class for today’s society. Poor ethics have caused many of our economic and political problems. That’s why it's important to understand how poor ethical decisions can make their way into public and business policy. Employers often call me when they are searching to fill a position. They believe that if someone graduates from MidAmerica that person must have good ethics and is a trustworthy person. Going to Christian university is not a roadblock to a business career. It’s often a huge plus. The business world recognizes the importance and need for ethical employees.


Gough grew up in Oklahoma. Single, Gough has chosen to invest his time in the development of hundreds of students during his 32 years at MNU. Many current professors and administrators were his students. He stays in touch with alumni across the country. Gough holds degrees in business and theology and currently teaches business ethics.  

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