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Pursuing God’s Call: Diving into Dentistry

Kyle Ford treating a patient
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Would you ever think that a radio advertisement could lead someone to discovering their calling? That is exactly what led alum Kyle Ford (’13) to pursue a career as a dentist. It was through this ad, which explained a shortage of dentists, that Kyle felt God was calling him to dentistry. “I felt God was speaking directly to me,” Kyle said. He decided to test the waters by majoring in Biology, and the calling was reinforced over and over again at MNU.

God continued to work out His calling on Kyle’s life by leading him to the University of Iowa for dental school. When Kyle was accepted to this prestigious dental school in his home state, he was thrilled. The school had recently renovated all of its dental equipment and tools, allowing him the opportunity to learn cutting-edge techniques and skills.

Upon entering this top dental school, Kyle looked back on his years at MNU with gratitude. “My education at MNU really prepared me for the dental admissions test,” remembered Kyle. He also appreciated the research-based class that Dr. Steve Cole taught. This class, which required students to find expert-level articles and present them to classmates, really prepared him for the evidence-based learning that the University of Iowa is using. Kyle said, “I wouldn’t have had a clue if not for that class.”

One other perk about the University of Iowa is that Kyle has already treated patients. In fact, he has been getting hands-on experience for more than a year now. He started out performing basic teeth cleanings, then expanded to minor restorative work: “drilling and filling, (but minor restorative work sounds better),” Kyle explained. Now he is working with crowns, bridges, dentures and some implant techniques. In addition to school, Kyle also volunteers with Mission of Mercy. This two to three day event allows Kyle to offer his services to those who are less fortunate and could not otherwise afford dental care. “It is really great experience, plus I get to serve those who are in need,” he said.

And in case you were wondering, flossing is necessary! Kyle says that, yes, he flosses every day…mostly. “I really try to! Sometimes I forget, but it is actually very important!”

There you have it. From the mouth of a dentist-in-training!


Fun Facts:

  •          Enjoys kayaking, fishing, playing basketball, and running with his wife Janessa (Halvorson, ’12). Janessa’s great-grandfather was Donald Metz, founding academic dean of MNU!
  •          Loves Asian cuisine, like Thai, Japanese, and Chinese food
  •          A typical date night for these two involves dinner and a movie



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