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Rebekah Oster

Rebekah Oster

Rebekah utilizes the skills she learned in school working as a statistical programmer for clinical trials.

A love of science and MNU's small class sizes brought alumna Rebekah (Wilkins '13) Oster to the university, but the close-knit community and Christ-focused learning environment kept her there.

A true academic, Rebekah earned her bachelor's degree in chemistry, with an emphasis in forensic chemistry from MNU, and then went on to graduate school at UMKC, obtaining her master's in chemistry. Today, she utilizes the skills she learned in school working as a statistical programmer for clinical trials.

Rebekah deeply values the abilities she learned during her time at MNU and believes they ultimately led to her pursuit of graduate school. "Graduate school is hands off. You have to be self motivated and in charge of your own plan of study. MNU taught me to be that way. My professors at MNU helped me when I needed it, but also trained me to do things by myself."

The focus MNU provides on identifying and using individual strengths also played a central role in Rebekah's decision to go on to graduate school. In fact, it was during her freshman year at MNU that Rebekah discovered her personal strengths, thanks to the Gallup Strengths Finder test each student completes. Rebekah's professors encouraged her to focus on these strengths and put her all into her work - working for the Lord and not for men.

With a heart for science and seeing future generations pursue the field, Rebekah thanks MNU for building a community of learning. She points to the university's unique classes such as modern physics, as well as its encouragement of open conversations on important topics like evolution within the science industry. "When you go to MNU, there is a big emphasis on community. The community changes and grows, but everywhere you go on campus you can see it. MNU is focused on God, on His will and on His passion for each individual."

Rebekah also thanks MNU donors for their contributions, specifically to the math and science department, stating that, "Every dollar given makes a direct impact and goes to something wonderful - most likely chemical instruments in the math and science department. Chemical instruments separate lower-quality institutions from the higher-quality ones. Having these instruments available affects students' experiences and helps them prepare for graduate school."

Focused on progress, whether personally, academically or professionally, Rebekah sees a promising future for herself and the university. To Rebekah, the future of MNU is filled with hope because it provides each student with a springboard into their own bright future.

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