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Stephanie Weeks ‘02

Stephanie Weeks ‘02
School of Behavioral Sciences and Counseling / Sociology

November 25, 2013

When she graduated in 2002 with a degree in sociology, Stephanie (Stolba ’02) Weeks didn’t waste a moment launching into the work she has always felt called to – helping others change their lives for the better.

“Everything I do comes back to the groundwork of working with people where they are,” Stephanie says.

But rather than doing so in a traditional social work context, Stephanie lives out her unique vision – “to empower people on the path to personal development, spiritual growth, and health” – through Our Wellness Revolution (OWR), her original business venture. Through OWR, Stephanie offers nutritional information and fitness advice, as well as opportunities for online and in-person health coaching.

Stephanie explains that her business vision initially stemmed from growing up as a “fat kid” who wanted to change her life.

“I knew that if I was struggling, others were probably dealing with the same issues,” Stephanie says.  “I wanted to offer people a community where they could grow at their own pace and learn what a lifestyle of abundant energy, health, and confidence entailed.” 

To provide a context for that community, Stephanie and her husband Joby run a ski lodge in Breckenridge, Colo., and a property in Kona, Hawaii, which they use to host wellness retreats.

“During wellness retreats, individuals or groups come to our lodge, and we do one-on-one goal-setting with them around health, finances and personal development,” Stephanie says. “We make the experience interactive….the goal is to create constant, consistent improvement.” 

Stephanie also shares her knowledge with a wider audience through Skinny Girls Don’t Diet – Living Well Is A Lifestyle, a collection of nutritious recipes and practical health tips. When it comes Stephanie’s premise, the subtitle says it all.

“I realized that being skinny and healthy is a lifestyle, not a fad diet,” Stephanie says. “It is our goal to bring healthy dishes consisting of a variety of plant-based nutrients to the dinner table.”

Even beyond the clients and readers she connects with on a daily basis, Stephanie strongly believes in extending the goal of holistic health the world’s underprivileged populations. That’s why she donates the profits from Skinny Girls Don’t Diet to MannaRelief, a nonprofit organization that seeks to end world malnutrition. At the time of publication, MannaRelief had provided nearly 63 million nutritious meals to over 221 thousand children in 87 countries.

“MannaRelief was the perfect partner since their primary mission aligns with ours,” Stephanie says. “Many of the food programs out there that fill the bellies of children are void of the essential nutrients needed to keep the kids healthy. The nutrition is what we provide.”

 Ultimately, Stephanie lives out her MNU spirit by not only by exploring new health solutions herself, but by pioneering the way for others. 

“At OWR, we start each day with the thought, ‘How can we bless others today?’” Stephanie says.

To learn more about the mission of Our Wellness Revolution and its partnership with MannaRelief, or to participate in OWR’s free 30-Day Wellness Challenge, visit

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