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Student Puts Internship Experience in NYC to Work

Student Success: Rachenda Rockwell

Feb. 1, 2013

When senior multimedia major Rachenda Rockwell began planning her summer last year, she knew she wanted to do something that mattered – something that would serve her well in her future career.

That’s why she decided to look for an internship that would build her skills in the multimedia field. After sending applications to more than 30 corporations, Rockwell discovered an opportunity at Phat Buddha, a well-known designer of yoga wear.

“After reading the job advertisement, I immediately knew that this internship was exactly what I was looking for,” said Rockwell. “It said that it would be a hands-on internship, not a ‘go get coffee for your boss’ internship. I knew I would have an opportunity to do actual work.”

To her delight, Rockwell received a response from Phat Buddha just a few hours after applying. After a series of phone interviews, Rockwell was hired to intern for Phat Buddha in New York City’s Upper West Side.  

Starting out, Rockwell’s daily duties included updating social media outlets, maintaining the company’s website, and observing sale meetings in the company showroom.

“Not everything about my internship was glamorous,” said Rockwell. “I really had to work hard doing jobs such as errands to earn my way into doing bigger projects.” 

I have gained a lot of experience in handling everyday problems

Her work did have its glamorous moments, however – Rockwell said that Phat Buddha provided her with plenty of networking opportunities in memorable venues.

“One of the coolest things about the internship was the opportunity to meet people,” said Rockwell. “I was able to meet Tracy Anderson, a famous fitness trainer. Some of the people that she has trained include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and Courtney Cox. Tracy had a fitness-training week in the Hamptons [an area known for its luxurious seaside resorts in Long Island, N.Y.], and Phat Buddha was invited to set up a trade show at the fitness week. I had an opportunity to stay in the Hamptons and sell our clothes at the trade show.”

Rockwell also represented Phat Buddha in the annual televised Mind Over Madness yoga event in Times Square, in which yoga lovers from all over New York City gather to commemorate the summer solstice.

Perhaps best of all, Rockwell’s internship transitioned into the great part-time job that she now works long-distance as she continues her studies at MNU. Essentially, Rockwell runs the Phat Buddha website.

“Although my internship was just for school credit, no pay, I am currently working as an employee for Phat Buddha,” said Rockwell. “I am in charge of running their website. I update inventory, add press pages, and make sure everything is working properly for the site.”

As Rockwell looks forward to graduating in May 2013, she says her internship was  formative in both her personal and professional development.

“Phat Buddha was a perfect internship for me because I learned so much in the three months I was there,” said Rockwell. “I have gained a lot of experience in handling everyday problems that come up in the work world. Overall, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to have my internship in New York. I made a lot of good memories, and I believe that I grew up tremendously.”

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