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Student Story Goes Viral


By Carol Best
October 18, 2013

Google “Granny Franny MidAmerica” and you’ll find nearly five pages of links to media sharing our story on Frances Wood’s return to college at 82, and her honorary “Granny Homecoming Queen” award. This feel-good human interest story has truly gone viral. In fact, Wood reports she’s had calls from two nationally syndicated TV shows interested in her story.

From California, to Georgia, to New York and Seattle, people are tweeting and sharing the story on Facebook and other social media. Why is this story resonating with so many? One reason is it is good news and that’s hard to find in our world. Another reason is Frances Wood’s love for life and activity at age 82 is inspiring. We would all like to be just like her at that age. Finally, people love to hear that the younger and older generations can get along, and that Wood has been genuinely welcomed on campus with open arms.

All we can say is yes, this story is authentically MNU.


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