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The Ties that Bind

Fellow Pioneers Reunite

By Carol Best
October 20, 2014

A child’s hospital stay is always a time of concern for parents. Health care workers who take good care of one’s child can be a real comfort. Jim (’01) and Melody (’00) Mesecher found one such person, a student nurse at Children’s Mercy Hospital, who really connected with their son Ben, age 6, during his hospital stay in August. The connection became stronger when they learned the student, Shelby Leiker, a senior nursing major from Lincoln, Nebraska, is a student at their alma mater, MNU.

Melody tells the story below.

We were blessed with a wonderful patient caretaker. She performed her duties very well and made sure that our stay was comfortable and our son was well-taken care of. On several occasions my husband and I remarked to each other on what a great caretaker she was. On our final day, we had a few minutes to have a conversation with her. Out of curiosity, my husband asked where she attends nursing school. As MNU alumni, we were very ecstatic to learn that she is a current MNU student. She had high praise for the nursing program, as well as MNU mission projects. She mentioned that she is hoping to be a part of a nursing mission project next year.

 In the middle of an emotional time for us as parents, we were thankful for Shelby, who exemplified the meaning of service to others in her field. We would like to give praise to MNU and the nursing program for your work with students who will go on to serve patients and their families in difficult and stressful times in their lives.   

With a little coordination from the alumni office, the nursing program and the marketing office, the Mesechers, who are from Western Kansas, met with Shelby at Children’s Mercy in September when Ben had a follow-up appointment. They just wanted to say thanks again. Shelby was working nearby in a clinical practicum at Kansas City Rescue Mission and was able to take a break to see Ben again.  

Since their experience at Children’s Mercy, the Mesechers say they’ve met several more MNU alums in and around their town of Plainville, Kansas. They’re enjoying finding others who are part of the MNU family.


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