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Where In The World Are MNU Students?


West Africa Theological Seminary, Lagos, Nigeria

July/August 2016: Graduate counseling students renovating orphanage and working with public school.

LQVE Haiti, Cascade Pichon and southeast Haiti

December 2015, March and July 2016: Constructing soccer field, performing health screenings, transporting medical supplies and distributing crisis care kits. 

Greece: Summer 2016, Serbia: Summer 2016, England: Summer 2016

Students completing internships and study abroad.

Rahab’s Rope, Goa, India

June 2016: Assisting an organization that helps women and girls at risk for human trafficking.

International Christian School, San Jose, Costa Rica

2015-2016: Student teaching 

Golden Bell Camp & Conference Center, Golden Bell, Colorado

March 2016: Rehabbing staff housing and replacing chapel flooring. 

Native American Christian Academy, Sun Valley, Arizona

May 2016: Education majors and men’s basketball team interacting with students through classroom lessons and sports camps.   

IC Compassion, Iowa City, Iowa

March 2016: Serving among Ethiopian and Chinese families in multiethnic community. Assisting at food pantry and painting facilities. 


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